Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sharing what we are learning about using the iPad for online learning.

This is a place to post and discus what we are learning About using the iPad in our online courses.


  1. I have to trust Laura's and Bruces' observations since I don't have access to one yet. But what I read make me still wonder, why not just use the laptop. Unless we are trying to get totally pda tool level application. Then we will have to deal with conflicting operating systems: Ipad, Droid, Palm, etc, won't we? Should we be designing learning for just one hardware segment of the market?

  2. OK all that is changed. I now have my iPad and am making use of it. There is a problem using it as a tool to access eCourses in the environment. The problem is that users can merely view items. When required to input text in an asynchronus discussion, the eCollege interface visual editor page will not receive text input from the iPad. The problem is with eCollege and its OLD OLD OLD technical design.